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What Is the Most Effective Piece in Your Campaign?

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It’s not your fancy four-color brochure. And it’s not your case statement.

The most effective piece in your campaign tool chest is a “Question and Answer” folder. And it need not be fancy at all.

Think about this. When you are going through a magazine, aren’t you drawn to an article that’s in the format of Questions and Answers? I understand the readership over other articles is 21%. You can use a photo or two. I like to do a piece that fits a #10 envelope.

I ask the client to give me the 15 or 20 questions that are most often asked about the organization and the fundraising program. Then I hone the list to 8 or 10 of the most salient questions.

The fancy brochure is much like children — much beloved by their parents, but barely tolerated by all others.


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