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The Institute for Charitable Giving was founded in 1991 by Jerold Panas and William Sturtevant for the purpose of accumulating and disseminating knowledge about major gift fundraising.

Seize the Opportunity, The Search and the Close of the Major Gift, became their flagship seminar for major and planned gift fundraisers.

As we celebrate our 30th Anniversary, our programs have evolved with the demands of our times. Each program is designed to assure your professional success and your organization’s fundraising future. Never before has the need been more acute for a sophisticated approach to philanthropy.

Bill wrote, “What makes fundraising so exciting is that you are compelled to stretch your mental abilities to the limit. Each institution is unique and you have the opportunity to creatively apply your knowledge in seeking solutions to abstract, complex, but nonetheless real and important situations. The permutations and opportunities are limited only by your own abilities.”

Our objective, each year, is to bring together an effective and exciting faculty— the very best among fundraising coaches in the country. Join us.

The ICG logo symbolizes the unique partnership of the volunteer, the donor, and the fundraiser— all joined in an unending circle.

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Jerold Panas
Founding Partner
William T. Sturtevant
William T. Sturtevant
Founding Partner

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