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blue rule

Make the Calls

blue rule

I love giving my clients advice (counsel, to be more professional!).

The other day I told a University they should call every donor over $100 and every first-time donor. Whatever the amount.

That’s absolutely sound advice. This would mean for this University 8,000 phone calls.

That’s what’s great about being a consultant. I give these outstanding recommendations, then I leave and fly away. I don’t have to implement.

I don’t want to leave the subject, however, without saying how important these phone calls are. You can’t thank your donors enough. How often have you said to your donors, “We couldn’t do this without you.”

Follow the BOY rule. Because Of You.

I want you to find a way to make the phone calls. And every first time donor, whatever the amount, should get a call.

It’s a great way to use volunteers. And Board members.

Back to the business of implementation, I’m reminded that to do good is noble. To give advice and counsel to those who do good is also noble— and much less trouble.


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