Institute for Charitable Giving

It Takes Hard Work

The difference between winning and losing, and being the best and being the near-best, is hard work. It is important to dream. But it is sublime to dream and work.

Faith is important. But faith focused with work is mighty. Desire is important. But long hours welded to desire is invincible.

There’s a certain nobility about hard work. It’s not hard work at all to the enthusiast. It is intoxicating. The long days and long nights. All are worth the price, and the price is always worth it— results and success.

Lee Iacocca, former head of Chrysler Motors, told me during a visit with him, “I don’t like my job.  I love it. I tell my staff they only have to work a half day. And I don’t care which half it is— the first 12 hours or the second.”

The great fundraisers tell me they believe a person gets in life what they want. They tell me they respond to hard work by piling on more.

Success depends on how much you want it. And how much you are willing to dream, plan, and work. High resolve.  Unrelenting effort. Purposeful direction. Hard work.


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