Institute for Charitable Giving

Your Creed Is to Grow or Go

Peak performers live with high uncertainty and constant change. On a high wire without a safety net. They somehow seem to take it all in their stride.

They continue to learn. For the great ones, it’s a continuing process of “grow or go.”  They live in a constant state of self-renewal.

The great fundraisers have the capacity to acknowledge errors. They seem to relish them. They treat them as learning experiences.

They are curious and learn from everything.  Even failures. They keep trying.  Michael Jordan said, “The only points I don’t make are the shots I don’t take.”

The great fundraisers are enthusiastic about their work. The zeal and commitment of a missionary. And it is infectious. They do everything with energy and commitment.

Take a cue from the great ones— the pulse beats high and it is always the spring of life, no matter what your age. You continue learning, reaching, seeking, probing. And growing.


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