Institute for Charitable Giving

The Elusive Characteristic

It’s almost impossible to define. My fundraisers were tall and short. Thin and not so thin. Of all ages.

There is something, however, they all have in common. It’s difficult to define and almost impossible to describe. When I wrote my book, I said it was as fragile as an angel’s breath, as fleeting as a soft summer breeze, and as elusive as a moonbeam.

What I’m talking about is this quality I call style. All of my great fundraisers have it. They exude it.

Style provides the badge of individuality. It separates stunning quality from mediocrity. Style is of unparalleled consequence because it gives witness to the person’s strength, character, and audacity.

The world stands at attention for qualities which set a person apart. Today’s sophisticated public scrupulously evaluates and assesses the fundraiser. They seek to work with a person of distinction and grace. Style makes the discriminating difference.


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