Institute for Charitable Giving

The Great Fundraisers Are Charged with Energy

There is vigor and vitality that is undeniable and indefatigable. The great ones seem to be able to endure a staggering workload, hour after joyous hour.
Forget everything you learned in high school physics about the definition of “energy.” In fundraising, the definition of energy is, success. Energy breeds success.

Energy is a rare quality, but available to all. Each of the great ones I called on seems to have it in abundance. There is an unlimited reservoir which seems never to ebb.
One physician I spoke to about energy tells me that it has something to do with the genes. I agree with that— but only partly. I am convinced that exercising and proper diet are essential ingredients. And enjoying work and life.
All of my great fundraisers exhibited boundless energy. All were like tightly wound wire ready to spring.
Kinetic energy— it is a person’s main circuit board, from which flows the electricity that gives illumination and vision to the probable donor.
Energy may perhaps be the major ingredient in the extraordinary mix that provides presence. Energy begets enthusiasm. It is a first cousin to charisma— that divinely inspired spark that ignites a blaze.
Every day, all of the great ones play at Centre Court at Wimbledon. They play, whether they are up to it or not. They play to win. And they win.
People seek those with energy. They respond to them. It’s infectious.
Energy is the pump from which flows the miracles and magic. It provides the power for all great action. It creates invincible potency and invigorates and inspires all around you.


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