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Memory Is Monumental

Most of the great fundraisers I interviewed have extremely well organized offices, a clean desk, and work by rigid schedules.

There is something else, however. El Dorado is Spanish for, “Place of Riches.” Time is the great fundraiser’s El Dorado. And there’s never enough of it.

But what stands out most is their remarkable memory. They all exhibit this attribute.

They never forget anything. Especially regarding prospects, donors, and everything to do with the raising of gifts.

The great ones bring together a glorious combination of energy, hard work, a sense of history, and exceptional powers of evocation. And most of all, a magnificent and unfailing memory.

Memory is a muscle.  And like all muscles, the more you exercise it, the better it gets. To join in the league of the great fundraisers, you exercise your most important muscle— your memory.

Listen. I preach the Gospel.

Memory is like a tuning fork. It is available for you. Ready to vibrate when properly struck.


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