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blue rule


blue rule

Try to define style, and you defeat it. Try to create it, and it is a sham.

Organizations with style set the pace. It is a venturesome journey. They follow their own instincts and have the courage to face all possible consequence. They do not allow logic to rule emotion.

An organization develops its style as staff and volunteers, who give it life and commitment, bring an unswerving devotion and dedication to reach that objective. An organization develops an uncommon cachet as time passes, accomplishments grow, and victories multiply.

When an organization rivets its focus on priority tasks— on goals, excellence, high achievement— then style evolves effortlessly and of its own design and creation.

The world stands at attention for qualities that set an organization apart. Today’s sophisticated public scrupulously evaluates and assesses organizations— its products and services. The consumer sifts through a mish-mash of publicity, puffery, and pretense to select an organization of distinction and grace. Style makes the discriminating difference.

Style in an organization is primary— because it is everything.

An organization with style is driven and obsessed, riveted to what seems to be impossible objectives. Utterly undaunted, it exhilarates in the spotlight. It advances steadily and determinedly. jp


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