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blue rule

I had just finished my last presentation at a Board Retreat. It was a combined meeting of the System and the Foundation Boards of Palmetto Health in Columbia, South Carolina.

I was racing against time, making a mad dash to the airport. On my way out of the auditorium, I stopped for a moment.

I saw a stack of papers on a table. I grabbed one. I tucked it in my briefcase and kept running for my taxi. You’ve done the same sort of thing I suspect.

On the plane, I opened my briefcase and took out the sheet. I started reading.

I thought, hey— this looks darn good. Next, I thought . . . this looks familiar. Then I looked at the bottom of the page. It was taken from my book, The Fundraising Habits of Supremely Successful Boards.

And it is . . . well, it is darn good !

There are 25 items (in bullet-like form) someone abstracted from my book. It was meant to give to the Board members who attended my session.

If you would like to see a copy of the 25 items, click here.

Tell your Board members to look at the list and give themselves a grade.



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