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We Want to Send You a Gift

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Andrew Golden, the songwriter, wrote Thank You for Being a Friend. We thought about you.

We Want to Send You a Gift.

Picture a box. A big wooden box. Let’s say something as large as your refrigerator. Close your eyes for a moment and picture it.

You ask, “What’s the box for?”

“To put notes in.”

“What kind of notes?”

“Messages for you. Special notes. Bits and pieces and tiny memos. And the kind of thoughts and fond wishes I want to send you. That’s what’s in the box.

“Nearly everything we could think of is in it. But still the box is not full.

“So we included some notes for happiness and joy. And good health, too. Wishes for never-ending fulfillment. And a heart of grace, compassion, and an understanding spirit.

“And still the box is not full.

“We added high hopes and lofty expectations. And messages for noble objectives, success, and achievement. Then we put in warm thoughts we have for you and how much you mean to us.

“Still, the box is not quite full.

“And then we added all the love and gratitude we feel for you.”


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