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Thoughts on PhilanthropyYou Can’t Raise Money by Arithmetic!

You Can’t Raise Money by Arithmetic!

Let’s say you want to raise one million dollars. That’s not an unreasonable amount.

You figure if you could just get 5,000 people to give 200 dollars each (still not unreasonable), you would have raised your one million dollars. Or 200 people to give $5000.

Sadly, it simply never works.

No one gives above the average. And most give below it.

We’re finding now that in any program or campaign, at least 90% of the money comes from 3% or 4% of the donors.

That means that to raise, let’s say, $20 million dollars, you need a gift of $2 to $2.5 million. More if possible. That would assure you having a successful effort.


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