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blue rule

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blue rule

One of the national campaigns I’m working with is naming a revered elder statesman of the organization to be in charge of just one thing— donor stewardship.

Their campaign is eighteen months away. We simply want to make certain that the organization’s donors know that they are never forgotten, never taken for granted.

Everyone knows Bob. And if you don’t know him, you would recognize his name. He is that well known.

He will be calling nearly one thousand of the organization’s largest donors. Yes, one thousand!

Bob is loving it. It has taken him out of a boring retirement to do something for an organization he really cares about.

He is contacting men and women and practicing what I call the BOY rule. Because Of You. He’s telling folks, “We couldn’t have done this without you.”

How many of your prime donors are you saying this to? And why not?

You may not have a Bob to take on this sort of an assignment. But you do have volunteers who could help. It certainly paves the way for continued giving and at a higher level.

You don’t have to be getting ready for a campaign. Let your donors know you love them.


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