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Trust Your Instincts

When is precisely the right time to call on someone? When is it appropriate to talk instead of listen? When do you know whether to launch something new? Try something different?  Make a change?

It means that you trust your instincts. You have the courage to pursue vigorously your intuition.

There is both common sense and a sixth sense. The latter has a great deal to do with taking the chance, trying something new.

Steve Jobs said that you don’t understand something until you understand it more than one way. Creativity is the ability to join one idea to another. And then come up with a new answer. That means having the instincts and the courage to make the attempt.

It’s old ideas into new combinations that win. It means putting your imagination into over-drive. Think audacious dreams.

It’s doubtful that anyone has had a totally original idea. The repotted flower grows the highest and the healthiest.


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