Institute for Charitable Giving

Successful Fundraisers Are Men and Women of Ideas and Ideals

For the truly successful ones, their beliefs are lofty. Soaring aspirations.

They continue to reach high. Higher. And still higher.

And then when they are at the highest plateau, they are still spurred on to better and more significant things. There are no limits.

They understand their ideals represent unbounded force and energy. No matter how difficult the task, the successful ones are prodded to even greater achievement.

Arnold Toynbee said that apathy can only be overcome by enthusiasm, “and enthusiasm can only be aroused by two things: first an ideal which takes the imagination by storm. And second, a time-imperative plan for carrying that ideal into practice.”

The great ones in our field have lofty ideals and dream grandly. These become the foundation of outstanding achievement.


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