The Lost Manuscript

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In the following story, Jerry Panas tells you how he discovered this tome of knowledge from one of the great fundraisers of our field, Si Seymour.

Jerold Panas first met Harold J. Seymour several decades ago during his time as a consultant for Princeton University. Si, as he was known, had published Designs for Fundraising in 1966, a book still highly regarded in the development profession, and was advising Princeton University on a campaign that exceeded its goal and raised $53 million — an astronomical sum at the time.

They became friends and during a visit to Mr. Seymour’s home the elder statesman of fundraising gave Jerold a three-ring binder containing a manuscript for another book.

Several years ago Jerold rediscovered the notebook and decided to publish it, along with his own observations, as The Lost Manuscript: Wit and Wisdom of Si Seymour. “Dear reader, you are now embracing material that is every bit as relevant today as when it was written.,” writes Mr. Panas in his introduction. “You’re in for a wondrous treat.”
He added his own observations after each chapter on pages he calls “Crib Notes.”

Every chapter touches an important function of our work. And if you already know about Si Seymour, you are a roaring fan. This is material never before published.


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