excel x230

A delightful miniature (2 1/2″ x 3″), but don’t let the size of this book fool you. It is a towering collection of brilliant and rousing essays. Each is certain to motivate and ignite the spirit and soul. In his Afterword, Panas says that he was compelled to write these pieces— to use his words: it was like fire in my bones.

The passion and fever shows. In his essay on Work, he claims that procrastination is the mortal enemy and the avenue of despair and disappointment is paved with the timid and tired who won’t get things done, who won’t act. These men and women conspire with the devil of failure… In one of his most quoted essays, Excellence, Panas admonishes that excellence is never an accident…it is state of mind put into action. In Courage, he shows how failure is not final or fatal, but not to make the attempt is the unredeemable failure…You will be underlining throughout your reading and quoting often. A great gift for donors and board members.


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