Institute for Charitable Giving

Getting “Yes”

The successful fundraiser has a way of getting “yes” for an answer— at times even before the question is asked. It’s the vision and the passion, that’s what motivates the gift. It’s the spark which ignites into a mighty flame.

And it’s energy. Combine that with passion, and that’s what transforms a prospect into a donor.

A donor gives to what they wish to give to, not necessarily what you want them to give to. Being an effective fundraiser is the act of gently persuading a donor to want to do something you are convinced will bring the greatest joy to the donor. And the greatest help to your cause.

You understand your donors. You are sensitive to what incentives drive them. What instincts dominate their life in giving.

You know how to pull their heartstrings.

One thing is certain. The fundraiser with the keenest insight for motivation understands what compels a donor to action. That ability to motivate.

The person being called on wants to know why they should give to your organization and to your project. And why now. They want to know why you are calling on them.

The successful fundraiser has an answer for each of those questions and has prepared to respond even before the questions are asked.


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