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VeritiesThe Successful Ones Relish High Objectives

The Successful Ones Relish High Objectives

They reach for the moon. They know they might not get there, but they will grab a star on the way down.

They are goal-driven. They are blessed.

Your work must rely on concrete, quantifiable tasks and objectives. The most successful do not resist demanding goals that can be measured and monitored.  Otherwise, it’s like playing tennis without a net.

Lee Iacocca says that nothing is better than a life and death struggle to get your priorities straight. “I love objectives that I have to stretch for. It keeps me going. It keeps me focused. It reminds me that a lot depends on my reaching my goal.”

Decide what you want to achieve:

1. Write it down.
2. If you can conceive it, you can achieve it.
3. Be willing to pay the price.
4. Prepare.
5. Make your objectives time-bonded.
6. Don’t let anyone dampen your dreams.

Without daring and ambitious aspirations, you will be uninspired, without destination or destiny. Objectives are dreams— visions with deadlines.


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