Over 83 weeks (yes, eighty-three!), you will read some lessons I’ve learned in my richly rewarding 40-year journey in fundraising. There are bits and pieces about our profession and what skills and attributes make a great fundraiser. I also write about what motivates a person to make a gift to your organization.

There is some wisdom, perhaps.  Years of experience, for certain. A great deal for you to think about.  And suggestions for you to put into practice.

Forty years! You may well ask whether what I write about is relevant for the mind, heart, and spirit of today’s men and women. You bet it is!

What follows are some thoughts I have about fundraising and philanthropy for today’s organizations. The material is relevant. Certainly thought-provoking.  And, I hope, a bit helpful.

blue rule

Thought #52 - What It Takes to be Successful

Success in fundraising is due less to the years of experience of the fundraiser than to having a love for the work. Less to intelligence than to zeal. Less to the mechanics of the job than enthusiasm and gusto for the mission.

Thought #51 - Always Set a Date to Come Back

After you’ve asked for a gift, it is not unusual for a person to say, “I need time to think it over.” I usually like to respond by saying, “Of course you need time to think it over.

Thought #50 - Be Passionate

It is important to:

• Know what you are doing.
• Believe in what you are doing.
• Love what you are doing.
• And be passionate about it— head over heels.

Thought #49 - Changing and Saving Lives

As you work more and more in the field, you will experience a joyous and fulfilling life. You have great personal rewards in store for what you are doing. Because of you, the organization is able to change lives and save lives. It is etched in the heart.

Thought #48 - Which person are you?

There are four kinds of people in the world.

Thought #47 - Why Do You Do It?

In describing your organization, it is important to let donors know:
• What the organization does— the extent of everything you do.
• How you do it— what is your unique method of providing the service.
• And finally, why you do what you do.

Thought #46 - Don't Leave Empty Handed

You cannot leave a meeting unless you receive a gift or schedule a date for a new meeting.

Thought #45 - Tell Them You're Unique

It is important that you indicate how your organization is uniquely positioned to provide the service you do. I want you to be able to say, “No other organization offers the service we do. No other organization touches lives the way we do.”