Over 83 weeks (yes, eighty-three!), you will read some lessons I’ve learned in my richly rewarding 40-year journey in fundraising. There are bits and pieces about our profession and what skills and attributes make a great fundraiser. I also write about what motivates a person to make a gift to your organization.

There is some wisdom, perhaps.  Years of experience, for certain. A great deal for you to think about.  And suggestions for you to put into practice.

Forty years! You may well ask whether what I write about is relevant for the mind, heart, and spirit of today’s men and women. You bet it is!

What follows are some thoughts I have about fundraising and philanthropy for today’s organizations. The material is relevant. Certainly thought-provoking.  And, I hope, a bit helpful.

blue rule

Thought #84 - Listening

The most important communication skill of a fundraiser is that of listening. It is listening that truly inspires the gift.

Thought #83 - You Must Ask

When we ask men and women why they haven’t given to the organization, the single, most often repeated answer is— they weren’t asked. At some point, you must ask for the gift.

Thought #82 - Never Be Satisfied

The successful fundraiser is not easily satisfied. Only the very best will do.

Thought #81 - Decisions Determine Resources

It is important to understand that resources do not determine decisions — Decisions determine resources.

Thought #80 - Raging Determination and Drive

The successful fundraiser believes that patience is not necessarily a virtue. They pull up the roots to see if the flowers are still growing. They are seldom satisfied with progress that isn’t on a fast track.

Thought #79 - It's Common Sense

To be a great fundraiser, it is essential you have common sense.

Thought #78 - Stewardship

By stewardship, I mean relating donors directly to the impact of their philanthropy.

Thought #77 - Gift Receipts

Receipts for a gift must be sent from the organization to the donor within 24 hours.