Supremely Successful Selling by Jerold PanasSupremely Successful Selling - Jerold Panas
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Everyone sells—in every aspect of your life and no matter what your profession. Supremely Successful Selling describes the art of selling that helps the buyer understand the value and appeal of a product for their personal life or for their business. Replete with stories of some of the greatest sales people in the country, this book teaches you how to listen more than talk, become an ethical ambassador for your product, and understand that everything in life is selling. You'll learn how to take the fear out of asking, the ten actions to avoid, and the most powerful incentives that sell your product

• Offers proven advice on how to get the appointment
• Shares the "Three Magic Questions" that engage a prospect
• Explains how to overcome objections, the power of the "Magic 7 Minutes," and the Four Es that make a great Sales person

Purchase this book through: | Kindle or | Nook
Also available in audio book format