Wit Wisdom and Moxie by Jerold PanasWit Wisdom and Moxie - Jerold Panas
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A FundraiserĀ¹s Compendium of Wrinkles, Strategies, and Admonitions That Really Work. This book contains over 300 short pieces of practical advice and inspiration. Each one a self-contained lesson about donors, gifts, motivations, boards, CEOs, staff. About the long but rewarding road from developing a case to thanking the donor. Wit, Wisdom & Moxie covers the entire range of fundraising activities.

Motivating volunteers. Major gifts. Planned giving. The vital importance of a thank-you. The most effective pieces in your campaign folder. Why people give, and why they give to you. What people look for when they consider a donation. What the spirit of giving is all about.

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