Mega Gifts by Jerold PanasMega Gifts, Revised 2nd Edition - Jerold Panas
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How do you top what is said to be the greatest selling philanthropy book of all time? How do you improve upon Mega Gifts, a book CASE Currents magazine called 'the most important fundraising book' written? The Second Edition of Mega Gifts: Who Gives Them, Who Gets Them is no 'how-to' book. Mega Gifts is far more substantive and significant than that. What Panas is after is nothing less than revealing the heart and soul of those who make large gifts.

How do you, as Emeril Lagasse would say, 'kick it up a notch"? Jerold Panas knows how.You update the content, revise where necessary, add more chapters, introduce a rash of new donors, and look afresh at what's happened in recent years. What you end up with is an even better book, if that's possible, with nearly 50 percent new material.

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