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Seize the Opportunity —

High-Impact Strategies to Secure Your Greatest Success


All of us in this business need to rattle the traditions of old ways. The tried and true does not always work. There needs to be a roaring disdain for the status quo. Following what others have done is too easy, often uninteresting, and more times than not unproductive. We find out about ourselves only when we take risks when we challenge and question.  For the great fundraisers, there is nothing to follow, but everything to discover.

“One of the fundamental rules of fundraising is that to the degree that you give others what they want, they will give you what you want. It is the weightiest weapon in our fundraising arsenal. No other single factor is as important in motivating others to action. Giving prospects what they want, that’s what we are all about. That’s how to get the right gift. Leading, motivating, guiding, influencing—and listening.” — Jerold Panas, Born to Raise.

Core Agenda
The Art of Asking (Tap for a detailed description of each session)
  • Moves Management Part I & Part 11 — Douglas Dillon
  • Securing the Visit & Making the Ask — Tammy Zonker
  • The Art of the Ask — Tammy Zonker
  • Inside the Head & Heart of a Philanthropist — Beau Cummings
  • Foundation and Grants — Birgit Burton
  • Listening the Gift Douglas Dillon 
  • Integrated Communications Inspiring Donors in the Age of Digital Fundraising — Jeff Spitko
  • Attract, Retain & Develop Major Gift Fundraisers — Russell Dunlavy     
  • Thinking Bigger, Bolder & Braver — Tammy Zonker
  • Strategies in Involving Your Organization’s Grateful Families, Individuals, and Supporters — Ashley Nall
  • Stewardship Panel: Effectively Stewarding Donors for Retention & Growth — Tammy Zonker and Faculty
  • Planned Giving: Because a Little Planning Goes a Long Way — Angela Burgess
  • Fundraising Strategy and Plan Development — A process for developing the ultimate data-informed, donor-centric, fundraising planTammy Zonker
Note: Panels, RoundTables, and ParkBenching include all faculty 
RoundTables (Tap for a detailed description of each session)
  • Professional Development—Owning Your Own Trajectory — Russell Dunlavy
  • Challenges and Opportunities for Advancing Your Team — Ashley Nall
  • Becoming a Supervisor Your goal is management; how will you get there and what happens once you land your dream job — Shannon Duval
  • Transforming Your Annual Giving and Major Gifts Program in Preparation for a Major Gift Initiative or Capital Campaign — Douglas Dillon
  • The Intentional High-Performance Fundraiser — Tammy Zonker
  • Experimenting with Email —  Jeff Spitko
  • Turning Obstacles into Opportunities — Terry Sylvester
  • The Accidental Fundraiser — Birgit Burton
  • Qualities a CEO Looks for in a CDOInterview Techniques & Your Career Tool Box — Beau Cummings
  • Planned Giving Made Easy — Angela Burgess

This business of philanthropy is a personal business. Throughout each day, we also reserve time for RoundTable Discussions. Beyond the curriculum and agenda prepared, our RoundTables provide time for small group discussions that focus on your needs and challenges.

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October 2024 Location

Chicago, Illinois – October 7-9, 2024
The Westin Michigan Avenue
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