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Participants at an Institute Seminar

In 2020 we will celebrate 29 years of helping our alumni grow, expand their horizons, and reach their highest aspirations.

Raising Funds in Difficult Times

2020 has brought unimaginable challenges to nonprofit organizations facing the consequences of the corona virus COVID-19.

There is no “perfect moment” to raise money. This will surprise you. In boom periods, Americans give a lower percentage of their income. But in tough times, they give more. That’s right— more!

There is no such thing as a time when all possible factors are in your favor. But there are some surprising and significant advantages to raising funds in hard times. This may surprise some. But we find that economic conditions are not a prime factor in the success of raising funds.

People give to causes that are worthy. Philanthropy has grown each year, the new year more than the one before. But in difficult times, people dig deeper and give more to the organizations they care most about. All of the evidence points to this.

It is quite clear that difficult times emphasize the urgency and drama of compelling needs. Obviously, we don’t suggest you wait for hard times. We recommend only that you be prepared

Here’s what you need to remember. If you are not properly prepared, your fundraising program is almost certainly doomed to failure. In good times and bad. Is there a good time for your organization to raise money? Yes. When you are ready. That is a good time to raise money. Not one day before.

The best time to raise money is when you are prepared. Nothing else is of greater significance. No other consideration is as important. Here’s what is most fascinating. There are actually important advantages to raising funds in tough times.

You will plan and prepare more carefully. There will be riveting attention to detail.

You will settle only for first-choice leaders. And you are more likely to enlist the best because competition for their time will be less encumbered.

Your leaders will take their responsibilities more seriously. They will understand the need for longer and more careful preparation. And they will appreciate your higher standards of selections and performance.

The fact you are raising funds in the face of challenging economic conditions underlines the importance of your cause. And the urgency.

The Institute

The Institute for Charitalbe Giving owes its creation to a small group of leading development people who were committed to providing a unique training experience and opportunity. Our objective, each year, is to bring together an effective and exciting faculty— the very best among fundraising coaches in the country.

Our commitment is to work with you during these difficulties. Join us for three days in Nashville, or Cincinnati/Covington, or Costa Mesa. Together we will work through the challenges we all are facing. Between today and when we are together, we will have a clearer understanding of what we must do to reach our greatest potential.


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