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A systematic approach for enhancing relationships

blue rule

Moves Managemen™ is a system for building deep, life-long relationships with prospective donors. If properly pursued, it is fail-proof. It is the system that focuses your fundraising activity on what will produce the highest return.

Buck Smith and Dave Dunlop were most identified as conceiving and perfecting this system for building deep, life-long affinity and commitment with probable donors. These relationships reliably lead to major gifts. This is true no matter how your organization defines a major gift. 
As the Dean of ICG, I have the privilege of providing this coaching opportunity. Moves Management™ is not defined as moving the donor, but rather giving major gift officers the tools to move your work forward in the most appropriate way to ensure the greatest joy of the donor.
Bill Sturtevant prepared the following, which is significant to introducing Moves Management™ to your major gift work. He refers to it as the Five Levels of Giving:
1.     Those who will give without even being asked.
2.     Those who will give when asked.
3.     Those who will need to be motivated— then they will give.
4.     Those who need to be motivated.
5.     The inert fifth. They are not going to make a gift no matter what you do.

This System provides a fast track in determining where each and every one of your donors fall into these categories
You will learn the road map which leads the way to enhance the relationship between the Moves Manager, Natural Partners, Primary Player, and the Probable Donor. This is my promise to you. Remember, major and planned gifts are the lifeblood of your institution’s future. I look forward to our time together.
With great anticipation,
– Douglas A. Dillon, CFRE, CEO
Jerold Panas, Linzy & Partners


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