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Five Things to Strike

blue rule

Beware! Reza Hashampour tells us there are five NO-NOs you must never utter publicly. Reza is Chairman & CEO of the Polaris Asset Corporation.

The things you say in the office, at a staff meeting, or to your boss— no matter how innocuous they seem to you— may be labeling you as a negative person.

Here are the five things you should strike from your vocabulary if you want to achieve the success you richly deserve:

1. “That’s not in my job description” – When you accepted your current position, you had a good idea (or thought you did) of what the responsibilities and workload of the role would entail.
When the boss piles another responsibility on your already sore shoulders, it might be tempting to pull out this classic gem of work avoidance. The better option is to schedule a time to talk to your boss about your role. Using this phrase makes you look lazy and unmotivated.

2. “It can’t be done” – Throwing in the towel makes you look like a quitter. And quitters don’t get promoted. Frame your response in terms of alternative ways to get the work accomplished.

Very little is truly impossible. If you offer solutions instead of giving up, you’ll be seen as a valuable member of the team.

3. “It’s not my fault” – Admitting to a mistake shows character and the ability to learn and grow from problems. Pointing the finger at someone else strongly implies you’ll never truly learn from your errors.

4. “It’s not fair” – Life isn’t fair, and often your career won’t be either. Instead of complaining, work harder. Go the extra mile.

5. “This is the way it’s always been done” – Doing things the way they’ve always been done is no way to run a business. Adapting to an ever-changing marketplace is really the only way to survive.

Everyone wants to be successful, so make sure your words aren’t holding you back. These five phrases are career kryptonite. Avoid them. You can become a successful superstar.


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