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It’s Amazing What You Don’t Raise When You Don’t Ask

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We completed a market research study recently for one of my clients. One of the questions we posed was, “If you were asked to increase your gift, would you be willing to?”

63% said they would be willing to increase their gift.

Then we asked the reason they hadn’t increased their gift in the past. You guessed it. They were not asked.

We also asked the organization’s donors what would encourage them to give more. “Confidence that the organization will use my money wisely,” reported 69%. 61% said: “If I could be assured of getting results for my dollars.”

At the bottom of the list was tax incentive. You likely knew that.

We asked respondents where the organization came in their philanthropic interest. First, second, third, or below. For those who ranked the organization first in their philanthropic giving, we asked why.

This won’t surprise you. They reported they were, “investing in an organization in which I have great passion.”

That’s your job.  You ignite the blaze. You help set the passion on fire.


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