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Checklist for Meetings

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Here’s what happened the other day at a Seminar I was giving. It’s happened before.

I ask participants, “What is the least productive use of your time?” Or “What is the activity in the office you would most like to eliminate?”

Did you guess?

It was unanimous. It’s meetings.  Particularly staff meetings. It’s the bane of their existence. Harvard Business Review recently did a fascinating and helpful article called, “Planning Your Next Meeting.”

I’ve done some editing. Download the piece here. Take note. This is really constructive. It’s only 59 seconds— a treasure.

  1. I have written before about the problem with meetings. If you would like to see some of these, you can view them here and here (or browse our full archive here).
  2. If you would like your meeting chair to see a copy of this, slide it under his or her door unidentified. But just in case . . . get your resume updated.

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