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The Founders’ Club

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Groton School is one of the “Ivy” independents.  They came up with something very special for their sustaining giving program.

It’s a great idea you should consider.

It’s called “The Founder’s Club.”  To belong, each donor has to give a minimum of 1% of the annual giving goal.  That means, for instance, if your annual objective is $3 million, to be a Founder, you would give $30,000.

An added benefit is that it also means each year that the goal might go up, the member automatically increases the gift.  Last time I checked, there has been virtually no attrition.

The name could perhaps have more pizzazz, but it’s working— so who cares.  Use the idea.  Create your own name.  It’s a new twist with a hook.  If 1% doesn’t fit your situation, use whatever percentage does.


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