Institute for Charitable Giving

Great Fundraisers Have the Desire to Win

In today’s world, to say “impossible” always puts you on the losing side.

They do everything with the throttle all the way down. Every problem is an inspiring opportunity when pursued with the vigorous belief in the possible. A challenge is a dream put into action.

The wayside is filled with brilliant men and women who start with a spurt. But they lack the stamina and fortitude to finish. Their places are taken by those with resolve and fortitude. They never know when to quit.

What drives them on, these successful fundraisers, is a stubborn resolve. A resolute inner-drive. There is an irrepressible streak to get ahead. To break their own records. To outstrip their yesterday by today. And to do their work with more will and zeal than ever before.

That’s it. Unwavering determination. High voltage drive. The soul on fire. To win— that’s the objective.

Words and dreams are over-abundant. The drive to win can change the world. There is no such word like, “almost.” The prize goes to those who win.


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