Institute for Charitable Giving

You Are Hard to Please

You are not easily satisfied. Only the very best will do.

You are built for fight or flight. On a regular basis, you review your objectives and achievements. Like everyone else, you enjoy praise and recognition. But that’s not what motivates you. There is an inner-reward that keeps you going. It comes from either outside sources or within. But it comes.

There is, however, another group in our profession. Those who are willing to accept good production rather than great outcomes. For them, there is no change. Content and complacent, they are pleased with their state and status.

No matter how great the motivation, there are those who are satisfied with ho-hum work and weary professional lives. If they are comfortable and content with vapid and uninspired professional production and are willing to settle for so-so results— they will not be among the great fundraisers.

David Ogilvy was one of the greatest public relations minds of the 20th century. His firm was one of the largest in the nation. He said, “If one of my staff prefers being home and tending the roses, I feel that might be the correct priority for him. But he will not do well with our firm and he will not end up being one of the great ones.”

The successful fundraisers live in a constant state of dissatisfaction. You want to win. You feel it down deep. You understand that to be a good loser is to be a loser.

You are driven by your goals and objectives. Higher. Higher still.

The motivation comes from within. You combine momentum and passion. You find life fulfilling. Filled to the brim and overflowing.


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