Institute for Charitable Giving

They Love Calling on People

One of the questions I often ask at my Seminars I lead is: “How many here really enjoy calling on people?” Out of a group of, let’s say, two hundred, a sprinkling of hands will tentatively go up. I would perhaps expect this among volunteers. They can, however, with the proper coaching be very effective solicitors. And when it’s done well, they love it.

If you expect to be doing Special Events, research, and annual giving— it is perhaps not as important to enjoy calling on people. But if you wish to move into major gifts and planned gifts, and for all CEOs, there has to be the comfort and confidence of calling on probable donors and donors for their gifts.

And to really be effective, you have got to love it.

The great fundraisers enjoy most of the aspects of their work. But calling on people, confronting them with the immense opportunity to share in great works and deeds— for great ones, that’s the pinnacle.


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