Institute for Charitable Giving

It Takes Rigorous Discipline

For the great fundraisers, there is a huge reservoir of will, drive, and determination. Most of all, there is discipline. Meticulous attention to details is the discipline floss to being a successful fundraiser. You may not like it, but you know it’s good for you.

Having the discipline provides exciting standards. At times, it means knowing you will have objectives you have to stand on tiptoes to reach.

With discipline as your mantra, you reject the mediocre. You accept the constant and unyielding demand to go further, to do better, to reach higher.

Discipline focuses on every detail. It always leads to unconquerable and unlimited success.

For the great fundraisers, there is discipline in all they do. There is time, priority, and attention to the myriad of details that make a successful program and solicitation. Discipline propels dreams, visions, and actions into success.


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