Institute for Charitable Giving

You Are Results-Oriented

Your entire focus is on the strategy, the solution, and the outcome. You struggle. Just like every tree that struggles to reach the sky. You come from the Try-Harder School.

Most of all, the great fundraisers focus on setting high objectives— and reaching them.

I think of e e cummings. He was an innovative poet who became very popular in the 1950s. cummings was known for his lack of style, rhyme, and structure. To him, spacing, punctuation, and grammar were wildly eschewed.

Robert Frost was asked by a reporter why he put himself to the trouble of writing in meter and rhyme instead of doing like e e cummings who was extremely popular at the time.

Frost’s response was, “It’s not fun to play tennis with no net.” That’s how I feel about raising funds with no objectives and results that can be measured.

The great fundraisers understand they are graded on many factors. But the greatest of these are the outcomes and production. That’s what counts.

It’s the results that constitute the final Report Card. Otherwise, you’re playing tennis without a net.


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