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Dave Skogen & Robie Wayne

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Dave Skogen is the Chairman of the Board of Skogen’s Festival Foods. It is a very successful enterprise. He has written a book called Boomerang! The book is a vibrant testament to the power of the human spirit. He writes about how to inspire the very best in people.

I feel he has captured the essence of servant leadership and success. But let me tell you what caught my attention.

In the book he writes about, “a gentlemen who came to our town several years ago to do a feasibility study on building a new YMCA. I was so impressed with his presentation that I asked him to put it in hard copy. I can honestly tell you that this letter is what jump-started Barb and me on an enjoyable journey of philanthropy! We will be forever indebted to E. Robie Wayne for inspiring us.”

With some pardonable pride, I can mention that Robie is Senior Partner of the firm.

There are five paragraphs to that letter that Robie wrote Dave. I am only going to give you a snippet.

“Giving creates a legacy. What others have given before us is what we have today.  There is great joy in giving and those who do not give to their true capacity will never know that joy. They will miss the opportunity in their lives to make a difference in someone else’s  They will miss the opportunity to increase their own wealth. I do believe that whatever we give comes back to us tenfold.

“Take a significant amount today and give it to some cause close to your heart. Give more than you have ever given and don’t wait to be asked for the gift. Then wait for the return– you won’t be disappointed.”

There’s so much more to Robie’s letter. I’m envious! Wouldn’t each of you be pleased to have someone say that you are the reason for their philanthropy.


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