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Be a Positive Thinker

I’m flying high. I had an opportunity recently to meet with Larry Ellison on behalf of a client. Ellison is the founder and genius behind Oracle.

He told me it wasn’t always easy for Oracle. He said at times, it still isn’t.

During its darkest days, some of the people closest to him doubted the company would rebound and survive. But Ellison is a roaring optimist. His resolve never faltered, never wavered.

I asked him what made the difference. What he told me is a powerful lesson for everyone who raises funds. All of my successful fundraisers exhibited these three qualities:

1. Always have a bold vision.
2. Be passionate about what you do.
3. Act confident, even when you’re not.

There was one thing more. He said, “You must be an optimist. If you believe that you can achieve something, you can. If you believe you can’t, you won’t.”

You are the major player in the most important and effective organization in the country. You are directly involved in changing lives and saving lives.

Have confidence, as Ellison told you. You are the spark that ignites the blaze.


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