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I Have a File Called GOOD STUFF

blue rule

I’ll explain.

Are you like me? I get bits and pieces in the mail or e-mail. Often they’re too good to throw away. But not good enough to file. Or you don’t know where to file it. And you can’t keep throwing stuff in your top right-hand desk drawer.

Now what comes next is going to be among the top ten bits of advice you have ever received in your life.

Do what I did. I have a file called GOOD STUFF. I suggest you start a similar file (you can send me your “thank you” e-mails!).

What reminded me of all this is the piece I’m sending you today. You’ll love it.
When I wrote it, I decided I wanted to keep it. It was too good to throw away. And my desk drawer was getting full. So what did I do? I put it in my “Good Stuff” file.

I was going through the file yesterday. I came across the piece. I hadn’t seen it since I filed it two or three years ago. I want to share it with you. I think it’s special. I used it once in a speech I called, “It’s Impossible.”

It’s impossible to keep for yourself — What you don’t give away

It’s impossible to contain the good your gift does — Once you’ve given it away

  • It’s impossible to give without feeling fulfilled
  • It’s impossible to give without having it come back to you.

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